Oh. Asia is a magazine responsible for disseminating Asian culture to Spanish speaker countries through publishing in Oh! Asia’s social Medias.

(Facebook, twitter, Instagram),website (www.ohasiamedia.com ) our physical magazine that is publish two time a year. We report on cultural items, entertainment, technology, tourism, food and conduct interview, as well as cover events around north America and Latino America.


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When the idea to make a magazine that focuses on Asian culture is born, the idea to improve the quality of information received by our audience, to educate by reading, deliver knowledge to a generation that has forgotten the habit of
reading, is also born; and what a better way to do it than giving then this information through what they love, this new wave that is imposed every day around the world.


Through the pages of Oh! Asia Magazine, you discover the rich and varied culture identity of Asian people who have given mankind a valuable cultural heritage, as evidenced by its gastronomy, medicine, paintings, books, films, music and of course, the fusion with all other cultures.

The great value of this magazine, Oh! Asia, is to reflect the identity of Asian cultures in all its forms and manifestations, whether in the arts and cultural, religion, ethical, social, educational, sporting, gastronomic and fusion field. You will find, therefore, in the pages of Oh Asia as varied and exciting topics such as languages, the artistic heritage, traditional medicine and modern applications, the literary world and most breathtaking scenery, religious practices or creativity of traditional cuisine and contemporary.

Oh! Asia will reflect the concerns, preferences and creative activity of these traditional and modern cultures through their notes, reports and photos with their correspondents who are in different parts of the world. 

Therefore, Oh! Asia is a magazine responsible for disseminating Asian culture to Spanish speaking countries through publishing in Oh Asia’s social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our website (www.ohasiamedia.com) and our physical magazine that is published two times a year. We report on cultural items, entertainment, technology, tourism, food and conduct interviews, as well as cover events around North America and Latin America.